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Consulting Services


Aligning Marketing to Growth Objectives


MarTech 2023 Chiefmartec and MarTechTribe Graphics

Optimizing Your MarTech Stack

The marketing technology stack now includes over 10,000 unique solutions. Selecting, managing, and leveraging the 'best-fit' platforms for your business and your customer needs is an ongoing challenge. I can guide you through a selection process, and optimize your existing solutions with:

  • Platforms Assessments and Emerging Tech Trends (AI)
  • Requirements Analysis and Vendor Selection
  • Integration and Automation Options
  • CRM / Marketing Automation Enablement
  • Email Marketing and Segmentation
  • Web Strategy and Content Management Systems (CMS)

Marketing Operations and Strategy

Although marketing technology is one of my specializations, I am a marketer first, technologist second.

I can help you & your organization with the following:

  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • Campaign and Process Alignment
  • Account-Based Marketing (ABM)
  • Marketing & Sales Alignment (RevOps)
  • Governance and Change Management
  • Data Management and Augmentation